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Should You Always Bet Max on Video Poker? September 25, 2023

When aiming for the big jackpot on the video poker machine, you are always advised to bet max. By doing this, it gives you a significant edge over the casino. However, is it a good strategy to always bet max? This article looks at whether it is a good idea to bet max coins when playing video poker.

Bet Max on Video Poker

Betting the Maximum Coins

The maximum number of coins that you can bet on video poker is five. This maximum bet allows you to get the maximum payout from any of the hands that win. What’s more, you will even score the biggest payout when you win with the highest paying hand.

It is good to bet the maximum coins when playing video poker because it reduces the house edge. If you are not betting the maximum coins, we suggest sticking to one coin. If you bet more and not five coins, the house edge gets higher.

When to Bet Max on Video Poker

If you choose to make the maximum bet on video poker, then we suggest you do it. Below is a list of times when you should bet max coins:

  • If your bankroll allows for max bets – your bankroll will be affected when you choose to bet max. Hence, it is important that you only bet when your bankroll is enough for you to do so. If you bet max with a limited budget, you will go through it quickly because you are not guaranteed a win every time you play.
  • Playing a game with a progressive jackpot – some video poker variations have a progressive jackpot that you can win with a royal flush hand. The regular jackpot for a royal flush hand is 4000 credits but with a progressive jackpot is keeps growing. So, wait until the jackpot is growing past the normal payout and then start betting max.
  • Play a game that rewards extra money for a royal flush – when playing the variation that pays out extra money for the royal flush, the payout can be anywhere between 1000 and 4000 credits. This applies only when you bet max coins.

When not to Bet Max on Video Poker

As much as there are times when you should bet max, there are also times when you shouldn’t bet max as well. So, avoid betting max in these situations:

  • When you are a new video poker player – if it is your first time playing video poker, you are more prone to making mistakes, and that is why you should avoid making the maximum bets. You will have to wait until you are familiar with the game, and only then can you take your chances with max bets.
  • If you can play the lowest possible amount – some video poker variations don’t always have a low house edge when you bet max. This means that this option might not be as lucrative as you would think it will be. What’s more, some machines will pay out more for a single coin bet. So, be sure that you check before playing because you might just be missing out on a good payout.

Should You Place Maximum Bets on Video Poker?

Yes, we definitely think it is worth it to bet maximum coins when playing video poker. You can score a big jackpot. Some games will be better than playing slots because of their low house edge. You can try out video poker games such as 9/6 Jacks or Better. If you use a good strategy, you can reduce the house edge significantly. However, this is not the only video poker game that has good payouts and house edge.

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