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Do Casinos Cheat at Blackjack? March 26, 2023

No, casinos do not cheat at blackjack as that is illegal. With licensed casinos, they are required to be regularly audited to ensure that the games are fair. Games such as blackjack are played using a random number generator to shuffle and deal with the cards. This software also has to be audited regularly. This is to ensure that each outcome is truly fair.

It is also important to note that if you’re playing at a licensed and fair casino site, you should not have to worry about rigging the blackjack game. However, if you are playing at a rogue casino site, then there is a possibility that the casino can cheat at blackjack. Casinos that are cheating at blackjack will have their license taken away from them.

Casinos make tons of money from gamblers; therefore, having to cheat and take their license away is not something they look into. Casinos would rather offer fair games and have players lose fair and square than cheating them.  With that, we have found and included some of the ways in which casinos can cheat players while playing blackjack.

Cheat at Blackjack

How Casinos Cheat at Blackjack

We have found some of the top ways in which casinos cheat at blackjack. These five cheating ways are most evident at land-based casinos.

1.      Selective Shuffling

At land-based casinos, the dealer will be the one who will reshuffle the cards when about 60% of the deck has been dealt. However, if there is a player who is winning too many hands to the dealer’s dismay, the dealer will then reshuffle the cards so that that player doesn’t get a better hand. The reshuffling of cards does not reduce the players’ chance of winning; however, it messes with the house edge. While you can report this type of foul play, this act is unfavorable to both player and the house.

2.      Removing Cards from The Deck

This is one of the most unethical methods that casinos can cheat at blackjack, removing the high cards from the deck. By removing these types of cards from the deck, it decreases your chances of winning the game. Remember, when playing blackjack, it is required to have higher cards wins.

3.      Hyper Shuffling to Cheat at Blackjack

As the name suggests, the shuffling of cards will happen much faster than usual. This means that players will have a difficult time processing the game, which increases the house edge. Some dealers will do this simply for the satisfaction of all the confused faces at the table. The best part about this particular cheating method is that you’ll be able to spot it from a distance. If that’s the case, it would be best to stay clear of that particular blackjack table. Then find and play at a table where the dealer is handling their cards at a normal pace.

4.      Dealers Mishandling Chips Or Money

Another way that casinos sheet players at blackjack are by mishandling the chips or money. You may find that the dealer will give you less money than what you have won, or they will give you the wrong change. You can easily spot this by always making sure that you have been given the right amount of money from the game. Essentially, if you’re paying attention, no dealer can cheat you at blackjack or your money!

5.      Subtle Cheating Tricks

You may think that that is all that dealers can do. However, there are a number of other subtle tricks that casinos use to cheat at blackjack. For instance, you may notice a sleight of hand where the dealer may place a bust card on one of the players decks of cards. Or, rather than giving the player the card at the top of the deck, they deal with quick fingers and give them a bust card. Dealers will usually do this when a player has had too much to drink and is not paying attention. Other subtle tricks that casinos do is offer players many free alcoholic drinks as chances of you paying attention when you are under the influence are very low.

Stay Clear of Casinos that Cheat at Blackjack and Play Online

When playing at web-based casinos, the only way the casino can cheat you is by rigging blackjack games. However, it is important to remember that they can lose their casino license, which they will not want to do. In fact, casinos make most of their money from all losing bets, so we understand why they couldn’t care to rig blackjack games. However, it is important that you play at a licensed and safe casino to enjoy blackjack games.

To make things easier for you, make sure that you register to play at any of the blackjack casinos that we recommend on this site. We have reviewed and played at these casinos, and you can rest assured that they have not rigged the blackjack games.

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